Sunday, August 13, 2006

Initiatives with the City Government of Puerto Princesa

Agriculture Program:

Puerto Princesa City is primarily an agricultural economy. It is almost self-sufficient in food, except for a few varieties of vegetables. Metro Manila’s ten million population get their fish and other marine supplies from the city in particular and Palawan in general. To improve the farmer’s quality of life, however, there exists the urgent need to introduce productivity enhancement programs.

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Bantay Puerto Program (Puerto Princesa Watch):

Protect. Rehabilitate. Plan. These are the program’s key management thrusts. Protect what is there, rehabilitate what has been destroyed, and plan for the intelligent utilization of the city’s terrestrial and marine resources. This is the life cycle that the program envisions for the community to achieve sustainable development.

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Comprehensive Housing Program:

Puerto Princesa’s vast land area and its rich terrestrial and marine resources have become like magnets that attracted a lot of in-migration from all over the country. They came in droves and squatted in public and private lands whose owners either did not care or know. Majority of them, being fishermen, chose the coastal areas for being closest to their source of income. This went on unabated for many years.

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Education Program:

To highlight the importance that the city government attaches to education as playing a pivotal role in the city’s future development, Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn launched the City Education Enhancement Program. The project intends to improve the standard of education within the service area of the city government by identifying and prioritizing the establishment of schools, and organizing a continuous training scheme for schoolteachers in the city.

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Health Program:

When illness strikes and there is no one to turn to for help, people are tempted to resort to illegal means for remedy. For farmers and fishermen, for example, the seas and the forests become attractive sources of fast buck. To dispel the temptation, the City Government has undertaken effective and efficient health services.

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Infrastructure Program:

Under the leadership of Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn, Puerto Princesa witnessed a boom in both horizontal and vertical constructions, implemented with the ultimate goal of boosting the economic development of the city, at the least possible cost.

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Livelihood Program:

Kaunlaran or economic development is the last of the three K’s (the first two being Kalinisan or cleanliness and Kapayapaan or peace and order) that Mayor Hagedorn has promised the people of Puerto Princesa. This is the most difficult and challenging task that the mayor has put before himself.

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Oplan Linis Program (Clean and Green Campaign):

Launched on August 1, 1992, the program aims to sustain cleanliness, beautification, and sanitation in the city through active and continuing partnership among government agencies, non-government organizations, the private sectors, and citizens. The program has earned for Puerto Princesa the coveted label of being the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines

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Tourism Program:

Not so long ago, Puerto Princesa City was a place no one really bothered to know, except of course the Puerto Princesans. What little that people knew about Puerto Princesa were mostly conjured images of a not-so-wholesome place like being the abode of prisoners, and where malaria abounds.

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With ADB Funding, Puerto Princesa Eyes to be No. 1

2 minutes ago by PuertoPrincesaVoice

“The turning point was when I was elected mayor in 1992. ... And this strong environmental advocacy has garnered for the mayor and his city numerous environmental awards not just locally but from international organizations as well. ...

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PGMA w/ Mayor Hagedorn President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is ...

1 hour ago by PuertoPrincesaVoice

PGMA w/ Mayor Hagedorn President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is briefed by Puerto Princesa City Mayor Edward Hagedorn on the Palawan North Road Project in the locator map before she unveiled the road project's marker Friday (March 31) in ...

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Mayor Pambansa

1 hour ago by PuertoPrincesaVoice

PUERTO PRINCESA CITY (1 April) -- President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo tagged City Mayor Edward Hagedorn not only as the city's mayor but as "Mayor Pambansa" for the huge part the Mayor played in local government leadership and also in ...

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The Hagedorn path to Sustainable Development

3 hours ago by PuertoPrincesaVoice

This turnover of management from national to local government is the first of its kind in the history of the country and was conceived through the effort and initiative of the mayor. Recently, the Park was declared a World Heritage Site ...

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City profile

5 hours ago by PuertoPrincesaVoice

Even the chief executive himself, Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn, fell victim to old habits that truly died hard. After pulling out the last stick of cigarette, he crumpled the pack and threw it out into the street. ...

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Puerto Princesa to host Sports Tourism Forum

6 Aug 2006 by zamboangajournal

Other invited speakers are Mayor Edward Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa who will speak on Preparation of Puerto Princesa for Sports Tourism; Felix Cruz, vice president of Philippine Airlines Marketing Support and will present a Case Study: ...

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